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West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation's mission is to meet the community's recreation, leisure and social needs by acquiring and enhancing public parkland and supporting year-round facilities and programs for youth, teens, adults, families and seniors.  Their goal is to enhance the quality of life in West Bloomfield by providing facilities, programs and natural settings for the enjoyment of residents.

To celebrate accomplishing this mission and goal for over 50 years, the executive team and WB Parks wanted a special logo for the year 2020. This logo would be used in lieu of their regular logo. The parameter of the project was simple: keep it branded and incorporate one version of the original logos. This was in order to keep their communications collateral consistent. From there, I knew I wanted to incorporate nature someway, somehow, whether that was through enhancing the original logo or adding a new element.

I presented six different logos (and their variations) to the leadership team. They enjoyed all of the options but particularly liked option 2 and 5. The final logo selected was option 2 (plus the bird from option 5) as it met their underlying desire for simplicity better.


View some of the logo placements below:

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