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For my JL MC 316 course's final project, we were tasked with developing a restaurant, its brand and marketing collateral. I was inspired to create an Italian restaurant because of my earlier study abroad experience in Italy. I wanted to bring apertivo, or a pre-meal drink with small snacks, to America. Apertivo is a cozy, friendly daily event that allows friends and family to gather and refresh after a day of work before official dinner. I designed this restaurant and its brand under that guise.



  • Restaurant Name: Via Italia, because streets in Italy begin with "Via" and I wanted the restaurant to be easily recognized as an Italian restaurant.

  • Colors: Burgundy (Pantone 1815 C), Brown (Pantone 411 C) and Green (CMYK: 90, 30, 95, 30 and CMYK: 50, 0, 100, 0).

    • Burgundy represents sophistication and prosperity

    • Brown represents friendliness, warmth and home

    • Green (and accompanying leaves) represents freshness

  • Atmosphere: Cozy and friendly atmosphere where friends and family can meet for any get-together, whether it's after-work drinks, date night or graduation dinner. The restaurant is not formal, but it is a place that you would wear at least blue jeans and a nice blouse.

  • Location: Novi, Michigan. I selected this location because it has a nice downtown/shopping district, where our target audience frequents. (Listed address is not real.)

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