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Everyone has a code they live by. This code helps guide the actions one takes by determining what's right or wrong. It becomes a person's morals. Below, I am sharing my very own ethics code. It documents the values and principles I have and use to guide me in my private life, education and career in marketing, communications and design..

My Ethics Code

I will always care about what I do.

I will hold myself to a high standard.

I will face difficult situations head-on.

I will bring positivity to every space.

I will not be afraid to fail and try again.

I will not be afraid to try new things.

I will always be curious and ask questions.

I will always embrace equity and inclusion.

I will embrace diversity in ideas and people.

I will fact-check information prior to sharing it.

I will continuously challenge myself to do better.

I will hold both myself and my peers accountable.

I will take responsibility for all my words and actions.

I will practice the values of truth, respect, patience, tolerance and kindness.

I will always support the First Amendment because it allows for a marketplace of ideas to thrive.

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