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Marketing and
Communications Specialist

Hi there!

I’m Krishaun, a personable digital creative specializing in content marketing, project management, and design. I have over six years of experience in marketing for nonprofits, municipalities, and small businesses, and I am known for creating engaging digital and print content that converts.

Currently, I am an integrated marketing specialist at the Detroit Regional Chamber. I support the project management and production of marketing campaigns and materials for six programs and multiple signature events, focusing on helping create awareness and sharing growth resources with, as well as developing content for, diverse-owned businesses and nonprofits.

Outside of work, I have my bachelor’s degree in public relations and am earning my master's in mass communication, specializing in digital strategy. I also enjoy reading, traveling, photography, and spending time with my two cats and dog.

Why I Do What I Do...

Everybody always wonders why people do what they do. My "why" for my career is that I want to use my unique combination of creative and analytical skills to help traditionally disadvantaged businesses and entrepreneurs reach their full potential.


I believe the way we market products and services says a lot about our values and beliefs, so it's important for companies to get it right. I want to create effective and meaningful campaigns that are grounded in research and data and sensitive to cultural nuances. I want to create a world where people can feel seen and heard, which starts with how we communicate. That is my why.

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